Conversion Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Leave no visitor behind. Make sure you get the most out of every site visit.

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of analyzing the user interaction on your site. This includes the uses of analytics analysis, A/B testing, design changes, and careful lead track to show measurable benefits.

  • The Intuitive Side

    We’ve done this for over a decade and while the technology and user interface trends have changed, the drive to convert the maximum number of visitors hasn’t. Little things like using different images, or change the colour and message of call-to-action buttons can have a real impact on your bottom line.

    Our team will test a number of different conversion enhancements as well as implement our best practice user interface elements that we’ve seen are proven to work across industries.

  • A,B,T – Always Be Testing

    We love testing. We like to say: let the data decide. Conversion rate optimization involve enhancing your layout and then creating alternative tweaks. We then send half the traffic to one version, and half the traffic to another version. Over time we accumulate data on which page drives the highest number of conversions.

    By doing this the guesswork that most web designers use is eliminated. This takes best practices to another level. The end result is a website that makes the most of your marketing dollars.
    Sales Funnel Development

Sales Funnel Development

Call-To-Action Development

A call-to-action, or sales funnel, focuses on converting visitors into leads.

It’s important that you capture a user’s attention “above the fold”

Above the fold refers to the section of your homepage or landing page that is visible to the user before they scroll down. It’s critical to create a compelling call-to-action and imagery to capture the user’s attention during the first critical moments they land on your site.

The Art

Your website is the last step in the larger funnel of your marketing program. It’s crucial that you have compelling buttons, messaging, imagery and contact forms. We also employ a decade’s worth of experience into designing effective Calls-to-Action that convert a higher percentages of visitors.

We consider everything from the timing of scrolling banners, to the readability of the copy in the messaging. We also make sure that there are easy ways to contact you through contact forms, clearly visible phone numbers and easy to complete captchas.

The Science

A Call-to-Action is really a sales funnel with a lot going on behind the scene. Our contact forms don’t just send a message to your email, they connect to AdLuge – your complete lead tracking dashboard and management system. Because of this, your contact form will also tell AdLuge where your leads came from helping you make better sense of your marketing dollars.

Call tracking numbers are another excellent utility to increase conversion on your site. It makes it possible to dynamically change the phone number on your website depending on where the user came from. This also allows you to know what marketing initiatives are driving the most leads, helping you get a true cost-per-lead.

Frequent Questions

  • What is a responsive website?

    A responsive website is one that has been designed to adapt itself to a variety of platforms. Whether your website is being viewed on a computer, a cell phone or a tablet, a responsive site will still be easy to navigate and use on any device.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    We offer two different kinds of website design: Custom websites and templated websites. Generally our templated sites take less time to create, but this all depends on your requirements. After reviewing the work you need done, our team will provide you with an estimate on how long the creation will take!

  • Why is it important to have your website designed and developed by an experienced online marketing agency?

    Web designers know that when creating a website, they need to make it as easy for users as possible. But SEO educated designers know it’s just as important to make it easy for Google to see, too! Your website has to be both user and search engine-friendly to ensure you’re in good standings with everyone who matters.

  • What are the benefits of using WordPress as my websites CMS?

    WordPress is extremely user-friendly and is trusted as a reliable content management system by millions of people worldwide. With their advanced plug-in options and exceptional troubleshooting capabilities, WordPress is one of the most dependable CSMs available for public use.

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