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Video Development & Optimization

A good video can communicate a message memorably and succinctly than other methods. So, a greatly created and posted video would increase the rate of conversion. Video Development and optimization focus on developing extraordinary videos and optimizing it for the use of the marketing team. We understand that visitors remember videos much better than content, and so we try creating a good and appealing video after working in close coordination with the company and understanding their needs.

Our offerings: We offer to the client for Video development and optimization:


  1. Animated Explainer Videos: These videos are based on the concept of storytelling where we illustrate brand in form of a highly stylized story.
  2. Live Videography: We create real-time and engaging videos of your workplace after coordinating with you. This helps in engaging customers and arousing interest within them.
  3. Video Solutions: This category of solutions includes the Video Site maps, video advertisements and much more.

Animated Explainer Videos

Our 30-90 second animated explainer videos build a customized story about your business by illustrating your brand in a highly stylized fashion. From conception to implementation, our team acts as your conduit by working with you through storyboarding and drafting. We want to make it known that you’re the best in your industry, and that goal is easily reached with these short informational videos!


Live Videography

Conversely, our live video packages create living, engaging video of your workplace, employees, or clients. Our skilled videographers accommodate even the busiest of businesses by shooting and editing video that puts a face behind your brand, providing numerous search engine benefits that speak to what people are searching for. Videos are a great way to dominate SERPs!

We shoot HD footage at any location, and work with you hand in hand to plan everything from scripting and execution. These videos come complete with customized graphics, titles, and maintain their high definition resolution on any platform.


Video Solutions

We offer video advertising and pre-roll, video sitemaps to increase your exposure in search engines, and can distribute your content to develop a strong video presence for your business online. If you’re interested in hearing exactly how videos can help you become an influencer in your industry, contact TechWyse Internet Marketing today and take your business to the top!

Frequent Questions

    • What is a responsive website?

      A responsive website is one that has been designed to adapt itself to a variety of platforms. Whether your website is being viewed on a computer, a cell phone or a tablet, a responsive site will still be easy to navigate and use on any device.

    • How long does it take to build a website?

      We offer two different kinds of website design: Custom websites and templated websites. Generally our templated sites take less time to create, but this all depends on your requirements. After reviewing the work you need done, our team will provide you with an estimate on how long the creation will take!

  • Why is it important to have your website designed and developed by an experienced online marketing agency?

    Web designers know that when creating a website, they need to make it as easy for users as possible. But SEO educated designers know it’s just as important to make it easy for Google to see, too! Your website has to be both user and search engine-friendly to ensure you’re in good standings with everyone who matters.

  • What are the benefits of using WordPress as my websites CMS?

    WordPress is extremely user-friendly and is trusted as a reliable content management system by millions of people worldwide. With their advanced plug-in options and exceptional troubleshooting capabilities, WordPress is one of the most dependable CSMs available for public use.

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